Oriental Fruits was established in 2009, it is an enterprises group of enthusiastic partners combines the cultivation management, postharvest expertise, marketing intelligence, and business development.  ORIENTAL Fruits is a flourishing name in international market for Growing Packing and exporting consistent quality of Fresh Fruits & Veggies, as well as Frozen products

Oriental farms based in Delta & Upper Egypt, Packhouse in desert road K 84, Cairo- Alexandria Road.

New ERA our plan having potential companies in  East & West African who supports our entire global network of customers worldwide. Together we work very closely with the leading farmers, retailers and customers to develop new strategy and grow our market share as well as Cross-border trade (CBT).   


  • Achieving sustainable fruits & veggies within international markets and in a cost-effective manner. We strive hard to meet our customer’s expectations.
  • Our strongest motivation is to align with the number one consumer trend today – fresher and healthier foods that are nutritional and chemical free.
  • Ethics in business are the key drivers to create long term value with a trusted global business partner.
  • Increase the number of high-quality fruits & veggies exported to target markets, and developed many specialist products needed.
  • The last but not the least, the company is also attempting to ascertain utmost level of customers’ satisfaction with quality products and timely services. We offer Custom Packaging and Labelingfor customized brand identities.

FROZEN Products

Frozen food products have been growing in popularity and sophistication in recent years, and the global COVID-19 pandemic has further ramped up demand. Frozen food companies have seen an increase in purchases since the start of the pandemic, as consumers dine out less and stock their freezers with extra supplies. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global frozen food market was worth over $290 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit $404 billion by 2027, with increasing opportunities for both top frozen food companies and new entrants to the industry. 

ORIENTAL FRUITS managing the production and processing specially of strawberry grown on the lands of its members with the primary purpose of developing and promoting crops places.  Our professionalism and all the assurances we give in terms of food safety.

We supply the best quality at the best price

Our business helps small farmers to increase their income and thereby increasing the income of other people who are indirectly linked with farming.

We are committed to food safety, food safety has always been a top priority for ORIENTAL Produce.

The most comprehensive inspection in our industry, are available to our customers upon request.

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